Monday, November 19, 2012

NEW BOOK from New Jersey's very own Todd Braisted!

Todd Braisted of the 4th Battalion New Jersey Volunteers has just launched his new book! This looks great! I will be ordering my copy shortly.  Also was a pleasuring blasting away at his troops at Fort Lee on Nov. 17th!  HUZZAH!

Bergen County saw much of the American Revolution from its own doorstep. Close to British-occupied New York City, this corner of New Jersey was divided by the Revolution. Some people were staunch Loyalists or Patriots, in disagreement with their families and neighbors; others wavered or remained neutral; while still others changed their minds as was expedient. In the end, the years of hostilities led to massive damage and upheaval within the community as men either left home or stayed nearby to fight for or against secession from Great Britain. After the war, their pension applications allow glimpses into their experiences. Compiled and edited by local historian and Revolutionary War expert Todd W. Braisted, these are the stories of the Revolutionary soldiers of Bergen County.

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